PD Dr Dr Andreas Weimann

Andreas Weimann

Chief Medical Officer,
Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH, Berlin, Germany


Andreas Weimann, MD PhD MHBA, ist Chief Medical Officer of Labor Berlin, Europe’s largest hospital laboratory serving over 25.000 inpatients. Dr. Weimann started out as a virologist working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in basic research on HIV-1 before switching to the field of automated hematology developing and implementing a novel telehaemtological system at the Charité Medical University Center. At Labor Berlin he focused on the evaluation of the Hemaplot for therapeutic monitoring and the employment of the ICIS score for targeted ABX on ICUs. 

Lecture: The golden hour of sepsis

The challenge of a rapid and precise differentiation between SIRS and sepsis is one of the most difficult tasks in daily intensive care medicine. Ideally, a marker should be readily available on a 24/7 basis with the shortest turnaround time possible, able to distinguish between inflammation and infection, viral and bacterial infection, monitor the success of an anti-infective therapy, stage the severity of a potential sepsis and deliver a prognostic outcome prediction at manageable costs. Protein markers often suffer from a lack of specificity and unfavourable kinetics. The ICIS (Intensive Care Infection Score) based on XN-technology is a promising universal, effective and economic theragnostic tool for inflammatory diagnostics in the ER and demanding sepsis management of the ICU patient.