PD Dr Christian Hönemann

Christian Hönemann

St. Marienhospital Vechta,


In 2003 PD Dr Christian Hönemann started his work as chairmen of the department of anesthesia and critical care at  St. Marienhospital in Vechta. His team performs around 9,500 anesthetics per year. PD Dr med. Hönemann has an affiliated teaching position at the Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster. He is a nationally and internationally requested speaker. He has given over 350 lectures, published over 70 articles and received more than 15 grants and awards. His main topics are patient blood management, metabolic flow anesthesia and ecological aspects and outcome after cancer surgery.

Lecture: Treatment options for anemia and iron deficiency in patient blood management

Ideally, patients should be examined four weeks before elective surgery for possible anemia. Main reason for anemia is an undetected iron deficiency. Less common are kidney and gastrointestinal diseases, chronic inflammation or decreased vitamin B12 or folic acid levels. Substitution of these missing substances can recover decreased hemoglobin levels and the total number of erythrocytes. The risk of patients due to blood transfusions during surgery can be significantly reduced. The lecture reports about 13 years of clinical experience in patient blood management. Main focus is implementation, clinical diagnostic, therapy regimes, patient safety reduced costs.